From the Aunt of Children in the Program

I have been living with the children for some time now, and I have seen such a difference in the kids since you have stepped into their lives with your program.  The kids used to come home from school and grab anything that was here.  Now they come home and wait to see what you have to offer them. They don't look for junk food anymore, and they understand what a well-balanced meal is.  From this, the oldest child wants to learn how to help out and cook good food like this.  The little ones try different foods now.  They all have a very good understanding what a well balanced meal can do for them.

They are sleeping better.  They also go to school and pay better attention in class.  They all loook like a new family, they're doing more things together, and for example, they all eat at once.  They have time for family.  Their mother doesn't have so much pressure on  her now.  She doesn't have to come home and try to see what she can get cooked.  The kids learn things in school about good eating habits, but now they can see the difference at home.  I see the kids looking better and making better choices in what to eat.  Thank You for coming into their lives and helping them out.  God Bless You for doing what you do!